What is a modular Home?

Valley Home with large porch

Modular homes are constructed to the same code as site-built homes with requirements set fourth by state and local government for the specific locality.

What is a manufactured (or HUD) home?

These are homes built entirely in the factory under federal building code administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

What is the difference between a modular home, manufactured home and a mobile home?

The term “mobile home” refers to factory-built homes prior to 1976. Manufactured or “HUD” homes are homes built after the 1976 federal standard was created. Modular homes are built to the same stringent codes as conventional stick-built homes.

Is a manufactured or modular home better than a conventionally built home?

We think so! Most estimates suggest between 20 – 40% more lumber and fasteners are used in factory-built homes compared to similar site-built homes. All our homes are inspected by highly trained quality control, and by independent third-party agencies.

Manufactured and modular homes are built “inside” rather than “outside” We follow the same building codes and use the same graded lumber. Issues such as weather delays, theft, and vandalism, wet lumber, and multiple subcontractors are eliminated.

Can I customize my home?

Absolutely! Most of our modular products can be customized and many of our manufactured homes can be as well. Both products offer a large range of options and upgrades.

time lapse image of home construction